Consultation & Supervision Services

We offer consultation services, especially in the area of cultural brokers. Many of our clinicians are bicultural or multicultural providers. We are committed to culturally responsive services and believe that communities of color deserve quality care in mental health services. Therefore, we enjoy partnering with individuals or agency providers to support them in enhancing their services to clients of color so that they can receive services that are aligned with integrity, quality, and with multicultural knowledge. We believe is social and racial justice that strives towards equity in services in the mental health field. 

We also offer clinical supervision for unlicensed clinicians accruing hours towards licensure as well as individual consultation for any clinician looking to receive support and enhance their clinical work. 

Training Services 

We offer trainings at Roots in Healing. The trainings are mostly culturally focused, but we also offer trainings in the area of trauma, specialized populations, such as gangs, and other various topics. We are also open to offer trainings at your organization. 

Upcoming Trainings 
Supporting Youth & Families in Navigating Acculturation Challenges

Location: A Better Way 

Date: 1/214/19

Time: 09:15am - 3:15pm

Where to register:

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